Sunday, March 14, 2010

more papers in progress...

To the left is a 12"x12" of dress pattern tissue which has been painted on the reverse side, then stamped several times on the right side. Some pattern markings can still be seen...which is a good thing. They can be incorporated into the final image.

(By clicking on the image, you can see the mingling of colors and patterns starting to emerge)

The middle and right papers are both 10"x12" dry wax deli paper. The blue one has been painted on the back and then stamped (using hand carved rubber stamps) on the front. The round mandala stamp was painted using varying shades of primaries and then applied to the paper.

The green with red was painted with a thin green wash and then twine dipped in red paint was dropped on the paper. The twine was then pulled off the paper leaving a design...which looks like a clown (sort of).

The blue/green/yellow paper (top) was made by weaving strips of two different painted/stamped papers torn into strips.

These papers are still incomplete. They may be torn into shapes and used for other papier colle paintings...or they may be further painted and over-stamped until that "aha" moment when they shout "I'm finished!"
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